Robotics and Automation Careers in Engineering – RACE
In a world that needs desperately good specialists in all technical fields, one of our goals is to train our students in the most attractive and challenging fields of mechatronics and robotics. That is why the participation within this project is a wonderful opportunity for us to collaborate with people being interested in the same VET field across Europe, to exchange methodologies and good practices approaches, to improve the expertise of teachers and trainers, to form a solid and sustained extra-curricular activity in the field of robotics. This will help our students who will the opportunity of a Robot Project Club at their institutions to cultivate creativity and in the same time will give them the opportunity to strengthen their interest for the technical field. The project focuses on both targets, teachers and students. Teachers will be involved intensively in the first year for commonly creating a short practical attractive workshops suite on ‘How to build your robot’. The final version will be translated in all partners’ languages. The workshops will be practically implemented in the second year, when the Robotic Clubs (created already in every organization) will act in mixed teams, teachers and students – national and international cooperation – for effectively creating a robot. A joint final ‘robot’s’ festival competition will celebrate the mutual learning outcomes achieved and will enhance the applications for VET new domains as mechatronics and robotics and personal/professional development for VET Teachers.